Our history

Below you will find some important events from the history of Kung Markatta. In conclusion, Kung Markatta has always been a pioneer in healthy foods.

We have been first to offer the Swedish public a lot of new food products, over the years. We were the first company with products certified by Fairtrade, KRAV (Swedish organic label), Äkta Vara (Swedish “Real product” label). In addition to this Kung Markatta was the first company to climate compensate.

Sara Termén, Marketing Manager



The company was founded by Lennart Olsson in an apartment in Örebro. His vision was to help the swedes to eat healthier.

KM begins the distribution of Japanese specialities from Mitoku (currently Clearspring) and their rice cakes becomes a hit in health stores across the country.

Lennart writes a book about macrobiotics.

Lennart Olsson, founder, in front of the building where it all started in 1983.



Kung Markatta (KM) evolves into a wholesaler.



Lennart’s second book “The macrobiotic product lexicon” gets published and much appreciated by for example the Swedish Customs. They buy books to every office to better help them understand new kind of products brought into Sweden.

KM becomes purveyor to the court and also delivers to Annefrid (member of ABBA).

KM starts to sell Ecover products, a pioneer within sustainable detergents.

Peanut butter and Tahini is brought into the self-named brand Kung Markatta.

We educate the Swedish Customs about the 'new' oriental food.

Lennart Olsson, founder


Lennart Olsson, founder, drives throughout Sweden and delivers organic food.


KM expands the range under the self-named brand with tofu, brown rice, millet, buckwheat, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, green lentils, white beans and vegetable oils.



KM becomes the distributor of Yogi Tea.



KM becomes the distributor of Amé.

Quinoa is discontinued due to low sales. Ten years later the swedes discovers Quinoa and it becomes and popular product.

Kung Markatta was the first company to both begin and end the sales of Quinoa. We were ten years to early.

Lennart Olsson, founder



KM is selected the exclusive supplier of organic products by the retailer Hemköp.

KM becomes the distributor of Alpro.



KM is the first Swedish company to sign a contract with Fairtrade Sweden.

The first Fairtrade certified product in Sweden is coffee from the Ismam cooperative in Mexico.

Kung Markatta was the first Swedish company with Fairtrade products.

Lennart Olsson, founder



KM introduces organic tomatoes in a tin.

KM is the first Swedish company to introduce Fairtrade certified tea.



KM starts selling Fairtrade certified cocoa.



KM is sold to Lantmännen (a Swedish farmers association).



KM is sold to Ekomodern AB.



KM signs a contract with Movement Sales Partner and gets a nationwide sales force.



The sales and marketing functions are moved to a new office in Malmö.



We were first with climate compensation of transports.

Lennart Olsson, founder

KM becomes the first retail company in Sweden to climate compensate all product transports.

The first organic Coconut milk is launched.



KM also climate compensate all transports of the staff. Including the commute to and from the offices.



Kung Markatta is first with Äkta vara.

Lennart Olsson, founder

KM becomes the first company to label products with the new 'Äkta vara' label. The label guarantees 'real food', free from additives.



Anders Dahlin becomes partner and new Managing Director of Kung Markatta.



KM launches new websites. One for the self-named brand ( ) and one corporate version, in both Swedish ( ) and English (

Priveq  purchases part of Kung Markatta AB.



Midsona acquires Internatural with the brands Kung Markatta (Sweden) and Helios (Norway), and creates a Nordic leader in organic food.